GOPAC Education Fund Launches Imagine. Share. Impact. Video Series

Arlington, Va – Today, the GOPAC Education Fund announced the launch of Imagine. Share. Impact., its video series to promote conservative leaders, thinkers and policy experts on the ideas they are championing.

Imagine. Share. Impact. is a modern day extension of the renowned GOPAC strategy and instructional cassette tapes that are now housed in the Library of Congress. At the time of induction, the Library of Congress stated the cassette tapes are “extremely influential in shaping political discourse from the 1980s to present.”

“Ideas unite individuals to take action on a common cause. The Imagine. Share. Impact. series will keep us at the forefront of educating elected officials and their constituents on the path which leads to healthy, growing economies that create opportunities,” said GOPAC Chairman David Avella.

Imagine. Share. Impact will release one video per week, starting with syndicated radio show host, Hugh Hewitt, who speaks on the “The Five S’s for Conservatives to Win in 2016.”  You can view his speech here.

The GOPAC Education Fund is a 501(c)4 organization affiliated with GOPAC and is dedicated to furthering the common good and general welfare of citizens of the United States of America by promoting conservative policies for federal, state and local governments that lower taxes, limits the size of government and sets the right business environment for job creation so individuals can pursue their dreams and live in freedom. .